Artists Know It's All In The DNA.

DNA2k is a growing database of companies in the music, film and multimedia industries that have web sites. This site is geared as an on-line resource to these industries. DNA2k is only as thorough as the information we receive. As the world slowly joins the wold wide web and sees the potential of an Internet presence, DNA2k and databases of similar fashion will become more and more a powerful resource tool.

DNA2k was created to bring some order to these changing industries. Our staff, having worked in music, film and multimedia, are all too familiar with the confusion and chaos of these dynamic industries. DNA2k, unlike a printed listing, is constantly updated so you aren't left with a book that is outdated in a few months. Our service is free and ask only that you interact with us to let us know about dead links so that DNA2k is as current as possible. If you are a part of the DNA, please let us know of any changes. We at DNA2k welcome any suggestions you might have to make this a better service. Please send your comments and suggestions to



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